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Tanya Fakhoury

Managing Partner
Tanya is an accomplished Emotional Intelligence Specialist, SleepTalk Consultant and a communication expert who works on empowering mothers in all areas of their lives. She mainly focuses on improving the parent-child relationship by teaching vital life skills and preventive tools rather than quick fixes.

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Rania Laing

Rania is an emotional intelligence expert that helps her clients gain new perspectives and behaviours that enables them to achieve the changes they want...

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Amina Selmani

A certified hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and a SleepTalk consultant,..

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Faisal Siraj

Faisal is a believer in the power within and that clients are capable of overcoming all the obstacles using their own resources , working closely with clients to help them introduce change in an ecological and propelling way .

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