Hanadi El Siblani

I am a certified Bioenergy and Bio-resonance Consultant, and a pioneer specialist in the Cyma Pure method in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, trained under Dr. Grace Peyton, a doctor of Cymatics and Bioenergetics Medicine. Cymatics is the study of Sound and its effects on the behavior of human energy fields.  As a specialist in Bioenergetics and the Cyma Method, I believe that human beings are born with a built-up structure that enables them to reach their full health potential, physically, mentally and emotionally. When the body’s electromagnetic field is balanced, all the fields are aligned and it is in a better position to overcome the challenges of 21st Century living. I follow a set of protocols designed to identify any disruptions in the energy field.

The main tool in this protocol is the Lecher Antenna. The Lecher Antenna gets its name from physicist Ernst Lecher who discovered the principles of measuring energy in 1890. The Antenna was developed by a group of German physicists in 1975 based on the work of Dr. Lecher.

The Lecher Antenna is an instrument that measures the Energy fields surrounding the body. To determine the physical health of a person – all the body fields (i.e. the organs, glands systems and functions) should be in alignment around the physical body. Diseases in the body have a different field frequency, causing misalignment. This misalignment creates an imbalance that will be reflected in the overall balance of the person. Any imbalance can be detected by the Lecher Antenna.  Some of the fields may be balanced, whilst one or more are out of alignment.  For example, if the physiological Field is out of alignment, the person may feel healthy but have psycho-emotional concerns, lack energy, feel nervous at some level or sad and depressed for no apparent cause.  If the Energetic and physical body are corrected then the person recovers their full potential; they cope with situations better and tend to attain their goals easier.  When the fields are aligned around the body correctly, they experience a sense of vitality in the body and the environment around them reflects increased harmony.

With using the LA apparatus, your energy will select the best (Quantum) solutions to ensure the body has all the resources it needs to maintain optimal well-being. If you are taking medicines or supplements, your energy can identify and inform you as to how compatible it is for you and the precise dose and timing of administration. That way, you optimize both value and personal results.  Environmental stress can cause significant disruption to human energy fields. Our cells are struggling to adapt to the “silent radiations” of frequencies such as relational aggressions from microwaves, cell phones and even people. Any of these can disrupt and leave the body weaker.  If there is a disruption in the body’s energy system, sooner or later health problems will be experienced. By tapping into your body’s innate intelligence and harmonizing all areas of your life, these disruptions can be mitigated. The Cyma Method aims to prevent and empower the body in a way that supports your best interest. Because we are all unique, this personal approach helps ensure you get what your body, mind and spirit needs to live more vibrantly.

I am holder of a Master’s degree in Education and have practiced teaching for more than 15 years, teaching junior, high school and college students. I am a teacher by nature, and very passionate about delivering deep knowledge that can help and enhance the lives of others. 

My unconditional love to my son, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy since birth, my solid faith, and my passion to deeper knowledge were my main motives to travel the world to explore and study the sciences that will assist in such challenging medical diagnosis. It has been a journey of learning and growth which I’m blessed to have and happy to share.