Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching helps you achieve your business goals and clear those thoughts or behaviors which sabotage your success. 

An Executive Coach is professionally trained to work with an executive, an executive team, or even an entire organization. She assists you uncover your potential, the blocks that are stopping you reach your outcomes, unraveling them so you can achieve your dreams.

Through the coaching process, you develop awareness, identify “blind spots” at work or in your life, set goals and also release stress and uncomfortable emotions.

Achieving a greater level of success in life means questioning the limits of your individual and organizational performance, the Executive Coach is not a counselor nor a consultant even though her expertise may be relevant in the coaching relationships. Her expertise lies in her ability to stimulate introspection and empower you or your organization to discover original solutions.

The goal is to assist Executives and individuals with positive leadership development. Global Leadership and Expat Coaching is aimed at inspiring executive leaders to make behavioral changes which transform themselves and the people around them thereby increasing not only business results and performance but any aspect of their personal life as well.

In UAE working with different cultures can be very complex, stressful and challenging. The coach’s role here is to assist the executive clients in adapting and embracing his/her role. Expat Coaching develops global leadership and cultural awareness which helps clients to higher performance, and to feel at ease in any international environment. 

Achieving your highest potential means understanding who you are, where you are and what process you need to go through in order to reach your goals.

What is coaching with teams and organizations?

We work with organizations and individuals to create an environment where people challenge themselves consistently to higher levels of personal performance with Emotional Intelligence.

What often blocks employees from achieving their goals?

Answer: A particular belief that their world of work or home is unchangeable.  

Our coaching strategies facilitate opportunities to challenge those beliefs; change behavior and focus on goals that can help people reach their potentials unlimited.

Examples of what we do:

  • Guide you or your organization through some self-discovery to understand what you want out of a specific area or out of life and how you see yourself.
  • Help you define your goals, your vision and assist you determine what process you would need to go through to achieve your objectives.
  • Question the limits of your individual or organizational performance so you can find alternative ways to perform.
  • Help you see yourself as you truly are without passing judgment.
  • Provide clarity when it comes to defining yourself or your organization, your potential, your goals, and the processes you need to undertake in order to achieve at a higher level. It’s been said that everything you need to achieve your greatest potential is already inside of you or your organization.
  • Assist you implement the process you need to go through mentally, emotionally and physically to reach your highest potential.