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The destiny of every human being is decided by what goes on inside his skull when confronted by what goes on outside his skull. 

Eric Berne 

How can Transactional Analysis help you? 

Only 7% of what we communicate is understood verbally.  It is important to look beyond what is being said and understand how it is being said, as well as the position of the person who is saying it. I'm OK- You're OK is probably the best-known expression that illustrates the purpose of transactional analysis.  You will gain valuable insights on yourself and others that will improve how you communicate personally and professionally. 

This course will change what you see, hear and feel about the people you interact with. 

  • Analyze communication patterns to improve relationships and achieve your communication goals
  • Understand, establish and reinforce a position of resourcefulness
  • Recognize the value of every person you connect to
  • Learn to regard people as OK and thus capable of change, growth, and healthy interactions
  • Predict and help improve dysfunctional, unproductive and toxic interactions between people
  • Easily help people communicate clearly and effectively

What is Transactional Analysis? 

Transactional Analysis is the study of human interaction. By learning Transactional Analysis you will better understand yourself and your internal programming.  This powerful method will enable you to turn your negative patterns to more positive habits and help others achieve their desired behaviour. 

About this course 

This one-day Transactional Analysis Course is perfect for anyone who wants to master their communication and improve how they relate to others at home and at work. 

•     Ego states

•     Life positions

•     Structural analysis

•     Group dynamics

•     Games

•     Strokes

•           Rackets

•           Transactions

•           Time structure

•           The philosophy of Transactional Analysis

…and more



This course is accredited by The Change Associates.  On completion of the course and its performance requirements, you will receive a Certificate in Transactional Analysis. 

This course is delivered by Rita Baki 

Rita is the Managing Partner and Programme Director at The Change Associates. She is a Master Trainer and Certified Instructor at The American Board for Hypnotherapy, National Guild of Hypnotists and National Federation of NLP. Member, ICF UAE Chapter.
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