Is Luck Created, or Found?

Is Luck Created, or Found?


Let's say your friend recently told you about a new Netflix show.

Now that you’ve heard about the show, you begin seeing and hearing about it wherever you go. It’s on your social media. The trailer shows up on YouTube. You hear a colleague mention it. It’s *everywhere*!

Does that sound familiar?

If you’ve experienced this, it almost feels like the whole world's suddenly playing a prank on you. It’s not a prank: this is actually called the “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon” and it’s a great example of how small signals shape our minds and control our lives every day.

The reason something you recently learned about seems to pop up everywhere is actually because of your subconscious (something I unpack and explore in my upcoming coaching program, Own your Blueprint)

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, your brain is constantly seeking out more information on what you focus on. Every time you see something related to that, your brain’s doubling down its proof that it has gained popularity overnight.

Anything you’ve focused on is always at the back of your mind. Our subconscious drives our thinking, influences our decision-making, controls our emotions, and even dictates what we believe to be possible and impossible. Through that lens, we take actions that follow those beliefs.

For example, clever marketers use this principle to subtly drop references to their brands everywhere. Even if a customer isn't in the market for a product now, the next time they’re looking for something like it, they’ll gravitate towards what they’ve seen the most!

But for something that influences our lives so much, it’s actually quite shocking just how one-sided most people’s approach is: we work so hard to feed our brains, but we never let it work for us in turn. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your brain kept working on your goals and dreams even when you had “switched off”?

If you train your brain right, it can start paying attention to the right things and align with your goals and dreams in a spectacular way. Just like how you started seeing the Netflix show everywhere once you were told, with the right programming, you can also start seeing everything you’ve been looking for. Solutions to challenges you’ve faced for a long time. 

New ideas. Success…it will GRAVITATE towards you.

In my “Own your Blueprint” coaching program, you’ll understand the psychology behind this, and it is KEY to taking your success to the next level.

Others might even see it as good fortune, but you’ll know that it’s no accident! 😉

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