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Lessons We Missed in School

If you’ve been on Instagram in the past few weeks, it’s quite likely that you’ve seen this meme on your feed.

When was the last time you were talking to someone and they remarked, “I wish I had learned this in school”? Or have you thought of it yourself? 

Personally, I’ve heard varied answers, including: the value of self-care, financial education (such as how taxes work), and among others, how to cook!

Is it a school’s job to teach this? Maybe, maybe not. But we have to be learning about these things somewhere, and if not at school, then where?

The bottom line is that most people really wish they’d been taught some things sometime in their adolescence. If I’m right, you’ve seen your fair share of challenges, learned from experience, and come out the other side. Well done!

But I’m also guessing that you might have, at some point, felt frustrated about not experiencing the truly abundant life you’ve always desired.

You've gone the classic school route, and that gave you a baseline of knowledge to build upon.

You've taught yourself some things and learned lessons from life, which has given you experience and some advantages over your peers.

But after all that, you're still not where you want to where do you go now? And why is no one talking about the next step?

You might have felt that there’s a kind of barrier standing between you and the amazing life you dream of having…that maybe there’s some well-guarded secret that the super successful people know that you don't.

If you’re nodding in agreement, I want you to know that you are NOT alone.

I’ve been there, and I’ve seen it in others – full of uncertainty, unsure of whether any of my efforts to change my life were even making a difference.

“What am I doing wrong?”

“Why can’t I have what they have?”

“Am I not getting the memo that everyone else is?!”

Here’s the thing: there’s this source of massive power that’s just waiting for you to reach out. And it’s what will give you the life you want. Most people aren’t even aware of it, let alone tap into it – and it’s what I help people leverage to get what they want.

Most people end up blaming themselves and build their own identities around not being able to “crack the code”. These thoughts “leak” into everyday actions.

I can show you how - right now. Look at yourself in a mirror and recall any memory with a powerful emotion – happiness, disgust, anger – and hold that in your mind. Watch how your body reacts to it. Did you notice a change? It might have been subtle – a twitch of the eye/mouth, a grimace, a tightening of the shoulders – whatever it was, it was PHYSICAL.

Your thoughts are translating into the real world, in ways you don’t know are affecting you, all the time.

If you’ve felt like you were the only one on the planet who doesn’t “get it”, or is just plain unlucky, and that maybe there are certain people who are meant to be wealthy and live more fulfilled lives than others and you just aren’t one of them…I get it.

That mentality doesn’t lead you anywhere.

No wonder you feel stuck.

After years of being a coach, I can promise you, it’s not you. Let me explain.

All of us have the ability to achieve what we want. You’ve just been programmed to fail. Up until this point, you’ve had non-stop messaging: from your peers, TV, social media, and society at large that has boxed you into “accepting the struggle.”

But we don’t manifest from our conscious minds. We create our reality from our subconscious minds…and what’s within it? That programming I just talked about.

Think of the subconscious like the projector at the back of a movie theatre, hidden away from you. Our reality is the movie that we can see. We don’t know where this life is being projected from!

When we feel…

  • insecure
  • that we lack intelligence
  • lack courage
  • don’t have the education to achieve something

…without realising that we’re putting it out there, we become the viewer that’s so lost in the movie they forget that the movie isn’t even real. It’s just a projection that’s mirroring whatever is coming out of the projector.

The magic of manifesting whatever you want: money, health, success…lies in the shifts you make in the PROJECTOR. If you don’t like the movie…first, change the source!

If you’re thinking “easier said than done”, I hear you…but what if I told you you already have everything you need in your head? It’s one of the reasons being a coach resonates with me so much.

Michelangelo said it best when he was carving David: “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

When I teach the techniques of embodying your subconscious at a cellular level, and when my clients actually see how their unconscious beliefs impact their lives and align themselves with the movie they want to play on their screens, that’s when things get really amazing.

It’s why I love doing what I do, and I believe everyone should have the chance to experience it too. The next time you have limiting thoughts, spare one to remember this post. It will serve you well.

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