The Love Economy

The Love Economy

The Love Economy, Rita Baki

Love and Economy in one sentence, is that possible?

Let’s think about some economic principles: giving and receiving, exchange, policies, scarcity, or paradoxes. Sounds familiar with love, right?

As we grow up, we learn specific love principles and rules, we learn to economize” love in such a world we live in. 

Our society often teaches us to “not show, express, or accept love”. This inhibiting trend in our culture has dug its claws deep into our lives, imposing a set of love restrictions. As a result, we start to shame ourselves if we ever disobey these rules, overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt and unworthiness. This is known as the “inner critical parent”, which is a network of ideas from our childhood, acting as monitors to our self-expression of love and affection.

This “restrictive economy” leads you to normally:

  • Not give or ask for LOVE when you need to. 
  • Not accept LOVE if you want it. 
  • Not reject LOVE when you don’t want it. 
  • Not give SELF-LOVE.

See? It’s astonishing how much of a hard time people witness as they try to express love. 

So, are we living in a “Love Starvation”?

If you’re not eating enough, your starvation will lead to intake of any type of food or drink, no matter how rotten, dirty or unhealthy they are. Same applies to love!

While you’re not feeding your emotional self, you’re more likely prone to depression, self-damage, and other harmful habitual reactions. Eventually, you will end up growing in cynicism, loneliness, and limited loving skills and capacities.

What to do?

Well, first, know the truth about love:

  • LOVE is limitless in supply: We can give, and ask for LOVE when we want. 
  • We can take LOVE when offered. 
  • If we don’t like this LOVE, we can reject it openly and with LOVE. 
  • Most importantly, enjoy SELF-LOVE, you deserve it!


Then, it’s time to learn to develop your loving skills, and transform the quality of your intimacy by: Opening your Heart: “Banking Self Love”. 

Self-love is the main, highest and purest forms of love, and self-acceptance is the foundation of all healthy relationships.

This is an exercise to help you practice Love on a new level: 

  1. Write down everything good about yourself, no matter how little they sound. 
  2. Pin the paper where you can see it often. 
  3. Each time you think of another good thing about yourself, add it to the list. 
  4. Make a list of at least five ways you can love yourself. 
  5. Write down at least five ways you want love but don’t usually ask for it. 
  6. In the following month, ask at least one person for each of these ways. 

Let’s love more, and stress less!

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