About Caroline Allam

Caroline is a spiritual healer who is deeply passionate about energy healing and helping others discover their life purpose. A pharmacist by profession, Caroline found her calling in healing others and using her knowledge to empower people as a coach. Utilizing a unique blend of healing modalities, she crafts personalized formulas to help people achieve growth and success, including emotional well-being, financial stability, and relationships.

Based in Dubai, Caroline specializes in transmuting negative energies into positive ones and raising consciousness to higher levels, Caroline is dedicated to supporting others on their journey towards healing and self-discovery.


With a career experience rooted in healing, Caroline has a proven ability to help you discover the reasons you have strayed from your highest purpose and come back into the deepest alignment to restore joy, passion, and fulfilment in your life. She does this by blending multiple healing techniques in ways unlike anything ever offered before.

Whether it’s physical aches and pains, anxiety, illnesses, relationship dynamics, or feelings of being stuck, Caroline can find their root cause in an energy form, residing deep within your subconscious mind which generates the behaviors you exhibit. As a master practitioner of Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), she can clear layers of imprints and blockages from all levels of your mind to help you gain perspective and move forward, unburdened by the past.

Caroline also specializes in energetically unweaving you from all the "cords" that bind you to other people. She has helped many clients with feelings of being drained, suffocated, unable to let go of toxic relationships, stuck in careers/love, or unable to move on from their past and be free of the bonds that kept them trapped there, breaking patterns that have sabotaged their wellbeing and relationships.

Caroline’s clients thrive with better productivity, increased performance, more confidence ,and a renewed sense of passion and self. She continues to help people experience greater feelings of significance, direction, and effortless attainment.